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Monthly Longest Snapper!

Jul 1, 2017 | Event Results, Newsletter

Every month we have a Longest Snapper $30 Hunting & Fishing Warkworth voucher to award.

Get your weighsheet (with measurement in cm, and photo) to us before the end of the following month to be in. The length criteria gives you the option to release larger fish. Sheets must be accompanied by a photograph of the fish on any measuring device that clearly shows on the tip of the mouth to the V in the tail. Using a fishing.net or IGFA measuring board is ideal.
You have until the end of the month following capture to present your weighsheet for this award, which is a $30 Hunting & Fishing voucher. Results posted here are provisional until just after the end of the following month, except for the June one (end of season, so you’ve gotta be quick). Be at the Prize giving to collect.

2018/2019 Monthly Snappers

Jul-18 Lu Rathe 75cm
Aug-18 Cam Rathe 69.5cm
Sep-18 Alby Petersen 82cm
Oct-18 Tony Fraser and Steve Parkes tied 74cm
Nov-18 Tomarcelle Miller 71cm
Dec-18 Peter Davis  79cm
Jan-19 Cam Rathe  85cm
Feb-19 Richard Dill 76cm
Mar-19 Oliver Adams 79cm
Apr-19 Alby Petersen 73.5cm


2017/2018 Monthly Snappers

Jul-17 Lu Rathe 76.5cm
Aug-17 Lu Rathe 63cm
Sep-17 Lu Rathe 75cm
Oct-17 Gary Carter 76cm
Nov-17 Aaron Stenbeck 74cm
Dec-17 Nicola Rathe 59cm
Jan-18 Ben Wyatt 77cm
Feb-18 Brian Copestake 88.5cm
Mar-18 Kevin Barrett 77cm
Apr-18 Vanessa Barrett 79cm
May-18 Louise O’Sullivan 56.5cm
Jun-18 Lu Rathe 78cm



Monthly Snapper Measurement Comp




































All results are provisional until confirmed by Records officer.

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