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Hooked Up August 2018

SUBSCRIPTIONS SENT OUT You will have received your subscription forms by now. This year it is different. All those who are currently full members of Sandspit Yacht Club pay a...

Latest Catch

  SPONSOR GRID FOR 2018-19 click here to check out where to get hooked up this season. About WWGFC forms the Sportfishing Division of the Sandspit Yacht Club. We have a steady...

2018 PrizeGiving

2018 Prizegiving list Monthly Snapper Measurement Comp Jul-17 Lu Rathe 76.5cm Aug-17 Lu Rathe 63cm Sep-17 Lu Rathe 75cm Oct-17 Gary Carter 76cm Nov-17 Aaron Stenbeck 74cm Dec-17...




click here to check out where to get hooked up this season.